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Business on Mission Roanoke/NRV

About Us

Leveraging our Workplace for God's Glory

As a Christian in the business community, you have a unique opportunity for ministry – your workplace! God has placed you this platform to impact the lives of your employees, vendors, customers and through them, the world. Join us as we learn to use our roles in the business realm for His glory.

Why Business on Mission?

We were inspired by the Business on Mission conference, which was first held in Lynchburg in 2016. To continue exploring how to live out our faith in the workplace, a few conference attendees from Roanoke, representing several area churches, joined forces to organize local breakfasts for Christian business leaders.

Business on Mission is a grassroots, volunteer-led initiative to bring together fellow business leaders to explore how furthering God's Kingdom through our professions.

Breakfast meetings are hosted throughout the year, where we hear from Christian business leaders about how they are integrating their faith with business through their company culture, operations and day-to-day activities. Each meeting seeks to impart encouragement, inspiration and practical steps to live out our faith in the workplace.

Past Speakers
  • Colonel (Retired) Todd Dodson of Beacon Wealth Consultants, Inc.

  • Brad Thompson, CEO of Columbia Forest Products

  • Nate Bruno, Senior Counsel of Alliance Defending Freedom

  • Matthew Hinson, Company Care Leader for VA/WV of Marketplace Chaplains USA

  • Bonz Hart, CEO of Meridum (retired)

  • Mike Dullaghan, AIF of Putnam Investments

  • Don Eckenroth, Gentle Shepherd Hospice

  • Greg Dowdy, Retired COO, American Healthcare

  • Scott McLucas, Lead Pastor, Orchard Hills Church

Other events hosted by Business on Mission include small group workshops and periodic studies that take a more in-depth look at the different ways businesses integrate their faith, what might be best for your company, the "nuts and bolts" of implementation and more.

Just imagine how our community could be transformed if Christians were on a focused mission for the Kingdom through the work we are already doing every day!

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