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Planning for 2021 - Lessons from the Battlefield

As Christian business owners, leaders and professionals, we do not have to simply react to the day's headlines but can use this time to follow God's guidance and plan for the future He has for us and our companies.

  • What should we as Christian LEADERs be doing now to set up our success for the future?

  • What does God tell us to do so that we are ready for and fully engaged in His plan for us?

  • What simple activities and steps can we do in 2020 that can guide us into 2021?

Join us for this timely and free online live webinar with Colonel (Retired) Todd Dodson of Beacon Wealth Consultants, Inc. This webinar will help you and your business get ready to make 2021 an exceptional year for your business and you!

Note: this is a free event, but you must register to receive join details.

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